Please share with us your experience with Xetechs

Basic Video Structure Recommendations

Please feel free to record your video from any device you fill most comfortable with, PC, Tablet, Phone, etc.

  1. General Presentation
    1. Name
    2. Country
  2. Professional Presentation
    1. Company and your role in it
    2. What type of service you perform
  3. What was your situation before starting working with us? Some example questions you can answer are
    1. What problem were you trying to solve?
    2. What were you trying to accomplish in your company and why it was necessary to hire our services?
    3. What challenges were you facing at that time?
    4. Why did you choose to work with Xetechs?
  4. Final situation some example questions you can answer are
    1. Was the objective accomplished?
    2. How did your company change or what results were accomplished after working with us?
    3. What stands out for you on your current situation vs the previous one before working with us?
  5. Personal Comments (Optional) Anything you would like to add, personal appreciation or why would you recommend our services?

*Note: By recording this video you agree that it can be used for marketing purposes with our customers, in our website or social media.